In Celebration of Our 30th Annual Doll, Bear & Toy Show – Special IZANNAH WALKER EDUCATIONAL EXHIBIT!!!

p-walton collection

Two of the dolls that will be on display October 29th, 2017 at a special educational exhibit of Izannah Walker dolls, presented by the Jenny Lind Doll Club.

The Jenny Lind Doll Club is very pleased to announce that we will have a special educational exhibit of Izannah Walker dolls at our October 29th, 2017 show. This is an almost unprecedented gathering of so many of these rare dolls at a public event. There will be at least eleven Izannah Walker dolls on display that belong to current Jenny Lind members, along with photos and memorabilia of Izannah Walker dolls owned by past members, including legendary Izannah Walker collector Maureen Popp. At this time discussions are underway with friends of the Jenny Lind doll club about the possibility of additional dolls being loaned for the exhibit, so the total number of dolls on display may be slightly higher. There is no separate admission fee to view the educational exhibit. Entrance is included in the doll show admission of $7.00.

All exhibited Izannah Walker dolls are part of private collections, they are NOT being offered for sale. This is strictly an exhibit in celebration of both our Doll Show’s 30th anniversary and Izannah Walker’s 200th birthday.

*If you will be attending the show and own an Izannah Walker doll that you would like to add to the exhibit, please contact us at to make arrangements. ❤

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Ursula Schink


Ursula Schink at our October 25th, 2015 doll show.

We are greatly sadden to report the passing of Ursula Schink, a very talented and creative doll lover and exquisite seamstress, who used her talents to create fabulous doll clothing and tiny dolls. Those of you who have gone to our shows in previous years will remember Ursula as one of the mainstays of our show. Her booth was always filled with a wonderful selection of antique dolls and an abundant array of antique doll and infant clothing, as well as sewing trims and notions. She will be greatly missed ❤


Come join us on Sunday at the Southbury Plaza Hotel, 1284 Strongtown Road, Southbury, CT 06488.  Exit 16 from I-84 East (West).  Call the hotel at 203- 586-1501.

40 Dealers!!! Doll hospital!!! Appraisals!!! Raffle!!! Silent Auction!!!

Admission: Adults $6.00, Children $1.00, Children under 12 FREE.

Email us with questions 


Print this coupon for $1.00 off up to 2 Adult Admissions to our 10/30/16 Show!!! ❤





We look forward to seeing you on Sunday from 10:00 – 4:00

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Sneak Peek #11 Take A Look At A Few Great Things From Toys Of Another Time!

Author Cindy Sabulis of Toys of Another Time  will be at the show selling and signing her doll books as well as her latest book on garage sales.  In addition to her books, Cindy will be bringing some fantastic dolls including Mattel’s Francie, Mattel’s Allen, Honey West, and French Bella Tressy all in their original boxes.  Come see Cindy and our 39 other outstanding dealers on Sunday in Southbury, CT!toys-of-another-time-2toys-of-another-time-1

Sneak Peek # 10 Bountiful Offerings from Wendy Collins of Collins Gifts!

Wendy Collins of Collins Gifts will be joining us again this year!  I’m sure that those of you who have attended our show regularly are familiar with the wide array of fantastic items that Wendy always brings to our show.  If you are new to our show, be sure to stop by Wendy’s booth, you are in for a treat!  Here are just a few of the great things she will have at the show.

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Sneak Peek #9 Dolls From Doll Artist Beverly Stoehr!!!

Doll Artist Beverly Stoehr will be exhibiting and selling some of her outstanding BJD dolls at our show on Sunday 10/30 in Southbury, CT.  Dolls Magazine currently has a wonderful write-up about Beverly and her dolls. The digital version of the magazine is out now, and the print version will be available soon!!!  We are thrilled to have Beverly at the show and know you will be too 🙂  bstoehr3bstoehr2bstoehr1

A Conversation With Exhibitor Diana Terban

Diana Terban, who will be one of the dealers at our show on Sunday, recently confided that she will be selling “All kinds of American Girl clothing and accessories . Also  hand made dolls. This year the center piece is Rose from the Titanic, with a trunk of clothes from the movie, all hand made. Also other hand made dolls new to the collection.All one of a kind.”

Come see all of the wonderful items that Diana and our 37 other sellers have to offer!  Sunday, October 30th, Southbury Plaza Hotel, 1284 Strongtown Road, Southbury, CT 06488.

Sneak Peek #8 – Baby Love Reborn Dolls

Today’s teaser is a sneak peek at some of the Baby Love Reborn dolls you will find at our doll show this coming Sunday, October 30th in Southbury,


Reborn Artist :            Pastora Heredia

Reborn Dolls are collectors baby dolls made out of vinyl and silicon material, giving the skin a realistic soft feel just as if you were touching a real baby.

Hand painted with Genesis body paint and may have up to 12 coats of subtle skin tones and then each coat is oven dried to fix the paint on the vinyl material making it long lasting and avoiding chipping and peeling.

The hair on the doll is enrooted one by one then trimmed and combed, the hair use is called Mohair and comes in many different shades and tones.

Eyes, if the baby is awake, is top quality German crystal to give the baby a real and lifelike look with a subtle gleam in the look to give the doll a realistic appearance.

Each limb of the doll is filled and weighed to represent the exact weight that a newborn has. Finally assembled together and adjusting the body parts to have the exact movements and flexibility that an infant of its age may have.

Once dressed and adorned the sensation of holding these creations in you arms is exactly the same as a real baby. Recently Reborn Baby Dolls are being used in therapeutic treatments with Alzheimer’s patients, extraordinary results have been obtained when the patient is asked to hold a lifelike Reborn Doll triggering emotions and memory’s, activating the brain activity.

Reborn Dolls are beautiful collectors items that represent love and mothering values.