Sneak Peek Number 4 ~ The Toy Museum of New York!

queen marlenes toy museumThe Toy Museum of NY will be at the Jenny Lind Doll Show, this coming Sunday, October 29th, at the Wyndham Southbury Hotel in Southbury, CT!!!! They are working on a new pilot episode for a children’s  television show called “ Queen Marlene’s Toy Museum  and Friends”.  A example of this new show will be at their booth for you to preview.


Here’s more great news. Have you ever wanted to see your own favorite doll or toy on television?  Well here’s your chance. Stop by The Toy Museum’s booth, bring your favorite doll, teddy bear or toy for a Hollywood style photo session. The photo of your toy may appear in one of the episodes of Queen Marlene’s Toy Museum and Friends.   The Museum is most interest in photographing your dolls and toys that are from the 1800s – 1960s. The only other requirement is that you will need to sign a release form at their booth giving the Toy Museum permission to use the photograph of your toy.


Here is a description of their new children’s television show:


Queen Marlene’s Toy Museum and Friends is a children’s television show geared for young audiences ages 3 – 9 years old.  The show takes place in a happy and friendly toy museum world.  Queen Marlene is the host of the show and is ready to help children learn about everything from counting and colors to spelling and the history of toys.  The museum is Queen Marlene’s classroom as she takes the students through the exhibits, explaining and teaching along the way.  The Toy Museum’s Royal Theater is her playground as she introduces live entertainment; including an assortment of acts, dance moves, music, folksy humor, slapstick and other fun and educational shenanigans to delight the children. Other areas of the show include visits to the Arts & Crafts Room, the Library, the Gift Shop and the Café, to name a few. If you love laughter, good times, surprise and learning, this show is for you. Episodes will have recurring puppets and performers, as well as special guest appearances. There is always something new happening at this fun and entertaining Toy Museum.  Lastly, the show is somewhere between Buckingham Palace meets Mr. Rogers and Broadway.

For more information on the Toy Museum of NY, please visit their website at or stop by their booth at this year’s Jenny Lind Doll Show 30th Annual Doll Show, on October 29th, 2017.


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