Relive the Izannah Walker Special Exhibit from Our 2017 Show in the pages of Antique Doll Collector Magazine

The March 2018 issue of Antique Doll Collector magazine is available now! Read Paula Walton’s descriptive article about the Izannah Walker exhibit at our 2017 Jenny Lind Doll Show last October, AND a wonderful article, by Izannah Walker historian, Monica Bessette about six Walker dolls that she visited while doing research for her new book during the week before our doll show!

If you are a subscriber your copy of the magazine should be arriving in your mailbox any day. ❤ A single copy of this issue can be purchased from Antique Doll Collector for $10 postage paid by emailing or calling 631-261-4100. Copies should also be available in some Barnes & Noble stores in a week or two.

In Celebration of Our 30th Annual Doll, Bear & Toy Show – Special IZANNAH WALKER EDUCATIONAL EXHIBIT!!!

p-walton collection

Two of the dolls that will be on display October 29th, 2017 at a special educational exhibit of Izannah Walker dolls, presented by the Jenny Lind Doll Club.

The Jenny Lind Doll Club is very pleased to announce that we will have a special educational exhibit of Izannah Walker dolls at our October 29th, 2017 show. This is an almost unprecedented gathering of so many of these rare dolls at a public event. There will be at least eleven Izannah Walker dolls on display that belong to current Jenny Lind members, along with photos and memorabilia of Izannah Walker dolls owned by past members, including legendary Izannah Walker collector Maureen Popp. At this time discussions are underway with friends of the Jenny Lind doll club about the possibility of additional dolls being loaned for the exhibit, so the total number of dolls on display may be slightly higher. There is no separate admission fee to view the educational exhibit. Entrance is included in the doll show admission of $7.00.

All exhibited Izannah Walker dolls are part of private collections, they are NOT being offered for sale. This is strictly an exhibit in celebration of both our Doll Show’s 30th anniversary and Izannah Walker’s 200th birthday.

*If you will be attending the show and own an Izannah Walker doll that you would like to add to the exhibit, please contact us at to make arrangements. ❤

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